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Top Ten Bertrand Russel Quotes

Bertrand Russel, a British mathematician and philosopher, is considered one of the founders of analytic philosophy and is widely held to be one of the 20th century’s premier logicians. Like all great philosophers he had a few words of wisdom for the rest of us, the commoners. Here are ten best quotes from him. 1. […]

An Ideal Man’s Day

4 AM: The youthful man wakes up sharp at the strike of the hour every single day. While the rest of common population spends this and the next few hours in deep slumber, this young man leaps off his bed with an enthusiasm of a relay runner who was just handed the baton. 5 AM: […]

Stay true to your vision

Traveling to Mormon country for this long weekend. Along with couple of my buddies, I will be, hopefully, hiking up, and possibly down, a few places in Zion National Park. Rain has been predicted for Saturday and cold weather on Sunday, but the prospect of getting on a plane to go somewhere I have never […]

The Anxiety of Unemployment

Imagine being unemployed. No, really imagine it. Imagine the state of a being where a major part of every day is simply doing nothing but wait; waiting for that phone call or the email from a recruiter. Imagine not seeing the pay check every other week – the same pay check that you were so […]

Benjamin Franklin’s To-Do List

Deep from the vaults of Lists of Note, comes this peculiar set of virtues from one of the most famous founders of the USA. Benjamin Franklin is easily my favorite among the white wigged men who drafted the US constitution simply because of his intellectual capacity which often seems boundless. The pot-bellied inventor, who was […]

Ten Miserable Facts About Valentine’s Day

Given the occasion of the day, here is a list of 10 absolute facts that, no matter how you look at them, will put one of the most bizarre and devious yet commercially successful days in the modern man’s life that has its ramifications throughout every medium to super sized economy in the world in […]

Ten Best Quotes From Dr.Martin Luther King

February is the Black History Month in US and since this is the first (and most likely the only) February for our blog, I figured its sensible to start it with some timeless words from Dr.Martin Luther King himself. So much has been said about one of the most remarkable and influential fighters for social […]