Creepy Hallway

First snap using my iPhone 4S combined with a little touch-up from Instagram. Sweet.

Walk this way please
Bleary light at the end of hallway

In case you did not know, I’m totally phoning it in today.

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Old Phone Troubles

iPhone 4S or Samsung Galaxy S2 ? That is the question.

I was talking to my mother yesterday and she made this totally off-hand remark, the type of remarks only moms seem capable of, the type that cuts deep into one’s psyche with hardly any effort at all. I was on the phone with her and as we were speaking my phone’s battery drained out. The phone shut itself off instantly. I put the phone on the charger and called her back.

“The call got dropped off. What happened ?” She asked.

“The battery died.”

“Doesn’t it give some signal that the battery is empty? Even my phone does that”

“Well, yeah. My phone used to do that before, but these days it just shuts off without any warning”. I was actually surprised that she knew about the low battery indicator.

“Why don’t you get it fixed? oh, I forgot, your phone is 15 years old. They probably don’t make spare parts for your phone.” I never knew she was capable of sarcasm. Not so biting at least.

“Psst. I bought it in 2006.”

“Thats what I said. Old phone.” She chuckles, obviously enjoying this mocking session.

“Its not that old.” I lied. Honestly, by all accounts, it’s an old phone.

“Didn’t you say you were going to buy that new Apple phone?”

“Yeah, they came out with the new version recently”

“then what”

“Well, the screen is small and there are few features that can be improved. Next year they will come up with a better version. I’m planning to buy that one”

“That is what you said last year.” She retorted.

“Yeah every year they release a new version.”

“But every year you say the same thing.” There is no exit now.

“You don’t even know the difference between these phones. Also, yours is not a smart phone either.”

I was getting impatient. She could not boot up a computer a few months ago. Now, she talks like the editor of Gizmodo.

“So what?” She asked.

“So, your phone is old too.” I thought I got her.

“At least I am not the one waiting year after year to buy the best phone and never getting satisfied enough to actually get it.” Apparently, I did not ‘got’ her.

She continued.

“You will not be satisfied by anything that comes out, since there will always be something better coming out later. If you wait, you will have to wait forever. These cell phone companies know it and they use it to sell new stuff. Don’t think about it too much. Just pick one and buy it. At least we can talk without worrying about your phone dying in the middle of the conversation.”

See what just happened there? Yeah. Only moms get to do that. They are capable of clearing our brain’s conscious sense, like how Moses parted Nile, and then implant their wish directly into our subconscious mind. And they also tend to be right; often.

“Yeah, I’ll probably buy one pretty soon.” I assured.

“Ok. But don’t spend too much money. You’ll need it for your marriage.”

Now I wished that my phone died off that very moment.

So, the question still remains.

iPhone 4S or Galaxy S2 ?

Help me, won’t you.

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