Five Things To Improve Intelligence

Numbered lists are awesome. Especially if it’s a list of things that would make us smarter. Here are five simple things, from the awesome blog PickTheBrain, that we can do, every day, to improve and make the most of our intelligence, which apparently is limitless.

1. Minimize watching TV
One of the best things about cutting down on TV time is the amount of new free time you will find which can be used to do other things like reading a book, cooking food or day dreaming.

2. Exercise
No explanation needed here, but plenty of motivation seem to be required.

3. Read challenging books
This is something I have trouble with. It’s one thing to read stuff that you agree or at least accommodate, but reading a book that is diametrically opposite to your beliefs or interests is a tough job. But science has shown that this is a guaranteed way of truly expanding your knowledge.

4. Early to bed, early to rise
I would take this as ‘find your best hours of the day and fit your sleep time accordingly’. If you are a night owl, it’s ok to wake up late. From my life long personal experience in living semi-productively, I can assure you that being in the ‘zone’ is much better than 4 AM of any day. Just make sure you get 8 hours of sleep regularly.

5. Take time to reflect
This is one of my favorite. Introspection is a rarely seen in the real world from real people but its one of the most powerful tools to understand a lot of complexities around us. I find that, oddly enough, going in circles inside my head actually leads to a new and interesting destination almost every time.

So there they are. Five kind-of-simple things that are sure to improve your intelligence or at least make you feel better over the long run. You are welcome.
You can read the original list and updated list at PickTheBrain here.

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