Post Number 151

Okay, I agree. It’s not such a reputable act to stop doing something after crossing a major milestone. It does not bode well for anyone involved. Especially after an awesome event such as our 150th blog post, which happened exactly 4 days ago, being absent since then is not the best indicator of our potential to move ahead. Like I said in the last post, we are not even half way through our ultimate goal so it will be prudent of me to not squander any forward momentum that we have built so far as we march on towards our excellent destiny.

What I mean is that, basically, I’ll get back to posting daily beginning today. No, seriously. Everyday; without fail. Okay, may be not everyday; I might miss out once in a while, but never on consecutive days. Sometimes, stuff just happens that is beyond our control and, in those moments, it’s better to just let go for a while and let it blow over. You might be inclined to know why I did not post for the last 4 days. Of course reasons don’t serve any purpose other than may be do some damage control but I, personally, don’t believe in damage control.

Reasons for not doing homework or arriving late from the play ground may have helped us avoid punishment, but that was when physical punishments were a painful possibility. As adults, our punishments are doled out by our own conscience. Nobody tells us that we did something poorly, but there is a voice inside our head that chides us for our mistakes endlessly. You don’t even have to do something bad; even doing it in a mediocre or the so-called ‘good enough’ fashion starts off that annoying voice which resides deep within our brain and it keeps scratching at our soul until we either correct the mistake or do an even worse mistake, at which point the judgmental bastard just switches to the newer subject.

If only to keep this condescending prick silent or at least under control, one needs to be constantly exercising performance. Like I have written before, ‘do’ ing is what makes the voice go dull. Simply starting something and finishing it will make the voice go quieter. We won’t be able to shut him up completely – he adapts remarkably – but instead of him being the enemy, with enough practise, we can turn him into an ally. He has access to our inner recesses of our minds where incredible ideas live. Only by making him our ally, we can begin to trust his voice and listen and act on it. That’s when great things happen. That’s when self-doubt becomes intuition.

We may even surprise ourselves with what we can do.

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