50 Years Ago, John Glenn Defined Awesomeness

Astronaut John Glenn relaxes aboard the USS Noa after being recovered from the Atlantic near Grand Turk Island after his historic Mercury flight. Glenn became the first American to orbit the Earth on February, 20, 1962 (Courtesy: NASA)

Today, Feb 20, 2012 is the 50 year anniversary of John Glenn’s historic trip to outer space and back to Earth.. It was the very first time an American traversed the orbit of Earth in his space shuttle, Friendship 7. Commemorating this incredible feat of badass from John Glenn and NASA, The Atlantic has posted the original pictures that Mr.Glenn photographed from space along with his radio transmissions that were beamed back to mission control back on Earth. The photos are only bested by Mr.Glenn’s words of pure wonder and joy. NASA was daring unknown territory into space and the uncertainties they were facing were enormous. With Mr.Glenn at the cockpit, they were embarking on an incredible journey and these pictures and the accompanying true accounts are some of the most monumentally significant artifacts of human history.

Here is the original article from The Atlantic. Something to inspire us on the day back to work from vacation.

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