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Strange Encounters

The dark grey letters read ‘EASU’ vertically, top-down, across the pale white skin. It was clearly a partial of a longer word tattooed in the older Times New Roman font (I had to look it up). I was standing at the counter inside Wal-Mart waiting for my turn to checkout my items- two cartons of […]

What Do Colors Mean ?

Branding is an essential part in any business, be it for profit or non-profit. Governments, businesses and individuals who want to promote their stuff/ideas do it through the multi-billion dollar industry called professional advertising. This involves getting a eye-catchy logo, a memorable caption and, of course, signature typography. These three elements form the basic pieces […]

Five Things To Improve Intelligence

Numbered lists are awesome. Especially if it’s a list of things that would make us smarter. Here are five simple things, from the awesome blog PickTheBrain, that we can do, every day, to improve and make the most of our intelligence, which apparently is limitless. 1. Minimize watching TV One of the best things about […]

The Done Manifesto

Totally┬áplagiarizing┬átoday’s post. Found this wonderful 13 step manifesto that will guide anyone from the misery of procrastination to a life of completions. Be done and be happy. If you cannot see the link click here. Here is where I stole this image from. [Post: 147 of 365] [Days Missed: 51] I am on a blog-a-day-for-a-year […]