Did you like going to school ? Ok, you don’t have to answer that. When I was young, school was the daily routine that happened whether I liked it or not and, for all intentions, I hated it. There were exceptionally few days when I would wake up in the morning and felt good about […]

When we hear the word ‘infographic’ we often remember the commercials that show statistics in a fancy graph or an animated bar chart. But the science of infographics goes beyond just advertisements that show us how micronutrients in the new health drink is 4 times more than the leading brand. If it is true that […]

“Wow, you are not a manager yet? How come ?” There was no way for me to miss the tone of indignation, and even a tinge of  mockery, in my colleague’s voice when he asked me this. I was lost for words for a few moments, primarily because it was unexpected. I had just stopped […]

Learning comes naturally to all of us, but, when we hear the word ‘School’, many of us don’t have a warm and fuzzy feeling. Schools tend to emphasize blind memorizing as opposed to learning the subject and gaining insightful knowledge that can be used to further fuel our learning and understanding of the world around […]

Bertrand Russel, a British mathematician and philosopher, is considered one of the founders of analytic philosophy and is widely held to be one of the 20th century’s premier logicians. Like all great philosophers he had a few words of wisdom for the rest of us, the commoners. Here are ten best quotes from him. 1. […]

Slums are strange places for those of us who live in the relatively affluent areas of a city. A disproportionately large number of people live within the limited land space of a slum and these shanty towns are always bustling with activity. What would be unimaginable living conditions for the urbanites, are normalcy for people living inside these […]

The dark grey letters read ‘EASU’ vertically, top-down, across the pale white skin. It was clearly a partial of a longer word tattooed in the older Times New Roman font (I had to look it up). I was standing at the counter inside Wal-Mart waiting for my turn to checkout my items- two cartons of […]