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Sight: The Next Revolution in Human Vision

Augmented reality is all the rage for futurists these days, especially since the announcement about Google Glasses. From the pictures it looks like a fashion accessory that also doubles as a virtual dashboard that brings necessary and relevant information in front of the wearer of the said glasses and as long as the person is ok […]

How Big is Our Solar System

Ahh, the Universe. It is so freaking huge. The smartypants at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) managed to land the one ton SUV-sized rover called Curiosity, that doubles as minerals lab, on the surface of Mars, with exacting accuracy in the early earth-hours of this monday and it marks yet another step in our species’ […]

Seven Minutes of Terror

The week is over and we have the weekend now. As hard-working professionals, we like to spend the weekend in leisure, doing relaxing things like lying on the couch, watching TV or lying on the bed reading some magazine or lying on the floor, for no particular reason, not really doing anything. As you are […]

The Tale of Dark Matter

After their illuminating comic-strip video about the Higgs Boson particle, I found out today that, the geniuses behind PhD Comics have also created a similar video explaining the Dark Matter. These are mysterious substances that occupy a large portion of our universe, completely invisible to us outside research papers and they are heavy. They are […]

Higgs Boson Explained in Comics

For the past week or so, the world media is ablaze with news about the Higgs Boson particle. News channels, Radio stations, Social networks and the Internets in the general are buzzing with that name, almost non-stop. No doubt, it is a major breakthrough in particle physics and all the research involved in finding the […]

What Do Colors Mean ?

Branding is an essential part in any business, be it for profit or non-profit. Governments, businesses and individuals who want to promote their stuff/ideas do it through the multi-billion dollar industry called professional advertising. This involves getting a eye-catchy logo, a memorable caption and, of course, signature typography. These three elements form the basic pieces […]

An Infinitely Long Short Piece of String

Nothing makes people resist science more than the times when science defies common sense. A lifetime of experiences have taught us that reality is a solid structure built based on cause and effect. Drop a ball and it falls to the ground because of gravity and we are smart enough to figure out that that […]