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The Raid: Redemption

Do you love non-stop, hair-raising martial-art fights and stunts ? Then ‘The Raid‘ will be an unforgettable movie experience for you. Its very rare these days to find even a decent quality, old-fashioned, hand-to-hand combat rich movies, but this little Indonesian flick will remind you what you have been missing in this genre. The plot […]

Act Of Valor

Act of Valor must be the last and final movie about the US Special Forces. Oh, there will be many more I am sure, but I hope this is the last, because it is impossible to top this one. This is not a pro-war movie or a pro-military movie or a pro-America movie. Whatever prejudice […]

Safe House

With the tag line ‘No One Is Safe’, I thought the movie was about end of the world or some similar fatalistic premise but ‘Safe House‘ turned out to be just another Corruption-CIA-Action movie that we have known and loved for many, many years. It’s a ‘Bourne’ movie with lot more political undertones and a […]

The Grey

Do you like death ? Wish to explore the multiple ways of horrible and grizzly death while Liam Neeson makes cryptically insightful thoughts about fighting the invisible enemy of life? You may enjoy the new movie ‘The Grey‘. This is easily the most ponderously depressing movie one could see. The story is about death and […]

Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes

Just finished watching Rise of the planet of the Apes – the prequel to Planet of the apes, and I must say, it was not entirely as I expected. Sure, the chimpanzee’s genes get modified by a promising drug and it goes on to lead its own primate army that eventually takes over the entire […]

Adventures of Tintin

I have never read Tintin books. I think I have seen a few Tintin cartoons but don’t remember too much from them. I remember his pointy hair, the flash light and a white fluffy dog. Saw the animated movie version today and I am dearly regretting not reading those books, not watching the cartoons and […]

Sherlock Holmes II: Game Of Shadows

It was a good movie. Not great or anything like that, but for the most part it was a good movie. To be honest I did not really enjoy the first movie and that was mainly due to Robert Downey Jr, who plays Sherlock Holmes in both movies, and his fake English accent. To be […]