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Waiting For Superman

Did you like going to school ? Ok, you don’t have to answer that. When I was young, school was the daily routine that happened whether I liked it or not and, for all intentions, I hated it. There were exceptionally few days when I would wake up in the morning and felt good about […]

Success vs Character

“Wow, you are not a manager yet? How come ?” There was no way for me to miss the tone of indignation, and even a tinge of  mockery, in my colleague’s voice when he asked me this. I was lost for words for a few moments, primarily because it was unexpected. I had just stopped […]

The Best Beer in the World

Did you know that Trappist Beer is considered to be one of the best tasting beer in the entire world ? It is very rare to acquire but people who have tasted it swear by its deliciousness. Did you also know that Trappist beer gets its name from the monastery where it is brewed? That is right, […]

An Ideal Man’s Day

4 AM: The youthful man wakes up sharp at the strike of the hour every single day. While the rest of common population spends this and the next few hours in deep slumber, this young man leaps off his bed with an enthusiasm of a relay runner who was just handed the baton. 5 AM: […]

The Opposite of Loneliness

Tomorrow, I’ll be getting on a plane and begin a week of something that is the completely opposite of what I do everyday. Here in Phoenix, time travels in terms of activities; not the kind of things that come to your mind when you hear the word activities. I speak to people outside and they […]

Three Short Documentaries from PBS for Your Sunday

Stumbled on to an awesome YouTube Channel today, featuring great short documentaries produced by PBS. These are five to seven snappy videos that show a significant aspect of every day things involving anything from art to entertainment, from books to video games. That last one is a favorite pastime of mine, so obviously that made […]

Measuring The Universe

Start the work week right with more knowledge. Ever wondered how scientists measure how far the stars and planets and galaxies are from earth? Although it would be amazing to create a really long tape measure and attach it to a space shuttle, it is not the most efficient way to measure the celestial objects in our […]