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The Story Of Steve’s Turtle Neck

Steve Jobs’ black turtle neck is probably as famous as the man himself. Every time he unveiled an industry shaking product in the last decade or so, there it was gently draping his fairly built frame. As his body grew more frail looking every time he stepped onto the stage to do his thing, which […]

What Is Up With Netflix ?

I have been a Netflix member for about 5 years now. For the first couple of years, I was a happy customer utilizing Netflix’s popular two weeks free trial offer. I would cycle through each of my credit cards for each two week period and as a student I had quite a few credit cards. […]

Is Chennai Worthy Of An iPad?

“But it is not working.” she said. “Did you turn it on?”. I am asking her this question for the fifth time now. “yes, I did it. I did it a long time ago.” “Then it should be coming up”. I am tired and frustrated at this point. “Well, It is not. I think its […]

Managers Are The Greatest People Ever

Have you been surprised before? And I mean genuinely surprised, like, wide eyed, jaw-dropped totally freaked out surprised? If you have, consider yourself lucky. I myself have never been totally surprised like that. Not until today. I get up today in the morning, cursing to the Gods of the seas and mountains, totally grumbled about […]

An Apple A Day..blah,blah..I Want An iPhone

Are you an Apple fan? And, of course, I mean, not the fruit, but the most recognizable brand in the world as of March of this year. From Macs to iPods, iPhones to iPads, Apple is the company that has somehow managed to decimate competitors by conjuring one market crushing product after another. By doing […]