A Resaonable Suggestion to Facebook

When you click ‘Like’ on something on Facebook and then place the mouse on top of the link, a tool tip shows up beneath the mouse pointer saying ‘Stop liking this item’. See, I didn’t realize that ‘Like’-ing something on Facebook was a present and continuous affair. I thought ‘Like’-ing is a one-time affirmation, like saying, ‘Hey, I like that pizza’. It does not mean I am continuing to like that pizza every single moment of passing time for eternity. Now I have to be more careful about what I like on Facebook. The more I think about it I am not sure if I can like anything that is not related to air, water and coffee anymore.

In certain sense, the prompt for ‘Stop liking this item’ can also be taken as Facebook trying to tell me that the item I liked isn’t good enough for me. May be based on my activity on Facebook, it has constructed a profile of me that is far more eclectic and demanding of quality, that the genius folks of Facebook deemed this particular item I liked is not worthy of my liking it. Well, I hate to tell you Facebook, but you don’t know me. Sure you know all of my friends -at least those who have a Facebook account, which is about 99%- and you know the posts I like and what I choose to ignore. You know the games I like to play, movies I like to watch, blogs I read and even the people who I stalk online. But you don’t know me completely. Because I have browser plugins that disable cookies and tracking. Also, you don’t know the things I do when I am not online and my phone is turned off. So your idea of me is not complete. There are many things you don’t know about me. Of course I won’t reveal all of them here, but be advised that, for this context, I have very low standards. No item on my Facebook timeline is beneath my consideration and you can’t tell me what I can like or dislike on Facebook.

It is my Facebook account and I will ‘Like’ or ‘Unlike’ the shit out of any item I want, as long your privacy settings allow me to do so, and you can’t do a fucking thing about it. No disrespect.

Also, after I ‘Like’d an item, when I place the mouse pointer over the ‘Unlike’ link, the tool tip that shows up beneath the mouse pointer should say ‘Unlike this item’. You are welcome.


2 thoughts on “A Resaonable Suggestion to Facebook

  1. I can understand the frustration with Facebook. What I dont understand is why does this post have a tag for Mitt Romney,seeking publicity master.

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