Neil Armstrong, A Hero For The World

Neil Armstrong, the pioneering astronaut who proved, without a doubt, that it was possible to walk on the moon by actually walking on the surface of the moon while simultaneously inspiring countless minds around the world to dream big. On July 21, 1969, his left foot made contact with the soft sediments on the lunar surface, soon followed by his right foot, both feet encased inside a hi-tech pair of boots designed by engineers at NASA, who were staring at Mr.Armstrong’s movements on a grainy black and white video shown on, what was at that time, a giant screen.  It was the first time any man had ever set foot on anything outside the Earth. With his amusing hops on that low gravity lunar surface, Mr.Armstrong forever etched himself on a page of human history titled “On this day, the human race will make a ‘Giant Leap'”. He was a well-known aviator and a test pilot but he will forever be known as the man who first set foot on the moon.

Mr.Armstrong passed away last month, on August 25. For obvious reasons, tributes have been flowing from around the world. Now NASA has released a new video celebrating Mr.Armstrong’s life, through the words of his friends and colleagues and with some breath-taking original video footage of Mr.Armstrong and his cohorts preparing and executing the Apollo 11 missions.

What Mr.Armstrong achieved is a result of a coordinated effort by some of the greatest minds of the time, pooling in diverse resources and dedicated in a goal that was larger than any of them individually. Together, they showed what is possible when we work together. We would all be better off if we can remind ourselves of that message often.