The Power to Create

Create is what we do all the time. Long before we became ‘consumers’ we were creators. We created fire and food, weapons and wheels. We created relationships and communities. Contrary to pop culture portrayal, we are still creators. We create data and meta-data by pouring them into social-media sites that power a good portion of our information age. We create massive virtual communities that defeat hordes of space aliens in virtual world and topple tyrannical institutions in the physical one. We still create fire, food and weapons, now, at a global scale. Although a lot has been delegated to the exquisitely designed and deceptively lifeless hands of electronic beings, there are still many things in our world made with the touch of a human hand.

Touch is ubiquitous these days. Of course it has been there since the dawn of the first organism with somatosensory nervous system, but these days, touch is even in electronics. We can glide, pinch, drag and swipe across squeaky, cold glass screens that react with impressive accuracy. The real touch though is way more powerful than any gizmo we have ever manufactured out of a Chinese province. Our hands are capable of informing us everything from the temperature to the texture of the object we touch, almost instantaneously. And these are the hands that have been creating for millions of years, fueling constant expansion of the limits of primate evolution. Today, the same hands gather woods in Africa, harvest rice in Asia, wrestle crocodiles in Australia, drive on the wrong side of the road in Europe, applaud for reality stars in the Americas and, of course, write code everywhere.

No matter how advanced our technology gets, we will always have the power to create. The power to create is the power to change things. It is the power we have to take something and change it into something entirely different and there by changing the course of time itself (seems exaggerated but true). Whether it is mixing clay and water to make pottery or banging the keyboard to produce incomprehensible zeros and ones that run the world, we are always creating. We would be wise to remember that next time we wake up in the morning.


Create responsibly.

Via Those Who Make.

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