A Bit of Wisdom from Stephen Fry

For anyone familiar with the hilarious TV sketch series ‘A bit of Fry and Laurie‘ the name Stephen Fry does not need an introduction. For the rest of the population, you really don’t know what you have been missing. Seriously, go to YouTube and check out all the very funny and smart sketches performed by Fry and his comic partner Hugh Laurie (yes, he of the Dr.Gregory House fame).
Stephen Fry is a British intellectual who is widely-known as an actor, author, journalist, poet, comedian and a television personality. He personifies the dry and almost dismissive British wit but underneath that he is a man of deep understanding of the world around us. He is well-known for his atheist beliefs, a big promoter of scientific research and a technology evangelist. He had a troubled childhood, spent time in prison for credit card fraud and as an adult even had prolonged bout with manic depression but through it all he has emerged as one of the great thinkers in British media.
When someone goes through these wild ups and downs they tend to get a unique perspective on life. Such experiences facilitate great moments of learning and realizations that help them see past the general fluff of everyday life, purported by the people and institutions that stand to gain with the spread of that fluff, and get a greater understanding of what is really important for a fulfilling stint on earth.
In this interview, Mr.Fry imparts some of the things he has learnt over the course of his life which spans more than five decades and, as one might expect from anyone with a well-developed sense of introspection, they are some of the most basic but crucial pieces of advice one could give to others.

1. Keep your ego in check. You’ll be better liked, and more opportunities will come your way.
2. Get outside your comfort zone by traveling to distant lands and reading books in a serendipitous way.
3. Be a giver, not a taker. It’s more rewarding.
4. Learn with friends.
5. Have heroes.
6. Always think for yourself.

Via Open Culture

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