Sight: The Next Revolution in Human Vision

Augmented reality is all the rage for futurists these days, especially since the announcement about Google Glasses. From the pictures it looks like a fashion accessory that also doubles as a virtual dashboard that brings necessary and relevant information in front of the wearer of the said glasses and as long as the person is ok with constantly distracting visuals with bright colors and big numbers swiping across his or her field of view, this gizmo can be an important piece in our evolving puzzle of exceeding the human limitations with technologies. By now I am sure we are all convinced that the commodity economy has faded and the knowledge based economy is in full swing. The next wave of instruments would not necessarily be about essential comforts and needs of the population, but will be devices whose whole purpose will be to place the right information at the right time in front of the right person. In the future, everyone knows nearly everything so only those who can create and manage the meta data (data about all the other data) would be different from the common population. They will control information and there by they will control everything. I hope Google releases those glasses in multiple styles of frames because that will probably be the one of few sets of choices we would have. (You are free to conjure even more dire and tyrannical future whose bleakness is only limited by your sick and twisted imagination.)

From all the sci-fi movies and books, we can make a decent guess that somehow these revolutionary devices would be used to control and manipulate people to the personal gains of a powerful few. Eran May-raz and Daniel Lazo have imagined such a future world of augmented reality where glasses are replaced by contact lens and … I don’t want to spoil it.

Can’t wait for the future!

via Flowing Data

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