Seven Minutes of Terror

The week is over and we have the weekend now. As hard-working professionals, we like to spend the weekend in leisure, doing relaxing things like lying on the couch, watching TV or lying on the bed reading some magazine or lying on the floor, for no particular reason, not really doing anything. As you are lying on something, pondering about nothingness, think of what is happening in the world around you. Athletes are trainings, artists are creating, geeks are coding and somewhere between the coasts, at least two men are clamoring to become the President of US of A, at least once or one more time depending on the person. Think of what is happening outside the world around you. The International Space Station is circling the world at lower orbit, largely unnoticed by the Peoples of the planet it is so vigilantly observing. Lest we forget Curiosity, the Mars Rover from NASA  which is zapping across the outer space towards the surface of Mars. (Whew, that was a long introduction!)

As you, like the rest of us, tell yourself reassuringly that you have done impressive work throughout  the week and you deserve this remarkably sloth-like downtime, see  what the smartest minds of American space research have been dealing with. All they wanted was to put an ultra-sophisticated, prohibitively expensive robot on the surface of a planet that is at the very least 54.6 million kilometers away from earth with conditions nothing like or even close to earth. It takes seven minutes for the rover to reach the surface of the planet after it enters martian atmosphere and it takes fourteen minutes for the signal from the rover to reach earth, which means by the time the signal that the rover has entered Mars’ atmosphere reaches earth, the rover would have already completed its descent. At this point, all the hard work and science stuff the NASA engineers did worked and the rover had safely landed and functional or all of their research, meticulous preparation and billions of dollars are transformed into a scattered rubble on the surface of Mars. Its crazy if you compare that to what we, normal folks, do every day, like road rage, sexting and campaigning for elections. Anyway, here is a heart-beat raising video by the people of NASA, explaining the intricate sequence of the events that need to happen precisely at the right moments for the rover to make it intact to Mars, with a background music that is much like the  theme music from Inception.


Like the video says,  ‘Dare Mighty Things’.

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2 thoughts on “Seven Minutes of Terror

  1. I have seen this as a different video before. It is just awesome. It would be just great to work in something like that, trying to solve a problem by sheer engineering.

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