Higgs Boson Explained in Comics

For the past week or so, the world media is ablaze with news about the Higgs Boson particle. News channels, Radio stations, Social networks and the Internets in the general are buzzing with that name, almost non-stop. No doubt, it is a major breakthrough in particle physics and all the research involved in finding the basic elements of our Universe, but I wonder if this wide-ranging interest from the media and general public would have occurred if not for the Higgs Boson’s more colloquial name – The God Particle. Take a look at any printed article or a broadcast segment on a popular news media and you will find the phrase ‘the so called God Particle’ within in the first couple of sentences. Not sure if a purely scientific discovery that debunks the myth of God concept being promoted because its nickname has God in it, qualifies as irony.

Past the humorless observation, the discovery of Higgs Boson particle does represent a major leap in our understanding of the basic building blocks of matter. This particle is said to be responsible for giving mass to other particles,¬†therefore, can be considered to have a far-ranging impact in our ongoing quest for ever greater technology to solve our problems like long distance space travel and super small robotics and the like. Although many of us, the average brained people, won’t be doing anything more substantial about the Higgs Boson, perhaps not more than some authentic astonishment, there really is no reason to not know about this hard to find particle that is possibly existing in everything we see.

Check out this great illustrated video about the origins and the properties of Higgs Boson from PhD Comics.

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