What Do Colors Mean ?

Branding is an essential part in any business, be it for profit or non-profit. Governments, businesses and individuals who want to promote their stuff/ideas do it through the multi-billion dollar industry called professional advertising. This involves getting a eye-catchy logo, a memorable caption and, of course, signature typography. These three elements form the basic pieces of any advertising campaign and in all three of them, colors play the most crucial part.
Colors have meaning and essence. They invoke a variety of emotions from its viewers and when the right ones are chosen, they can uplift an otherwise normal run-of-the-mill branding. Knowing what colors mean and what emotions they induce will help us understand their subtle but sure influence on us and how we respond to those colorful billboards and TV commercials.

Blatantly stolen and reproduced here from Visual News. (An excellent website. You should check them out regularly if you are not doing it already)

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