An Ideal Man’s Day

4 AM: The youthful man wakes up sharp at the strike of the hour every single day. While the rest of common population spends this and the next few hours in deep slumber, this young man leaps off his bed with an enthusiasm of a relay runner who was just handed the baton.

5 AM: The deep black, breathable sport shirt helps him keep cool while he exercises strenuously. His corporate and semi-professional gym is 20 minutes drive from our most ambitious man’s residence and at this hour it is filled with impressive looking men and women who see the beads of work-out sweat rolling down their necks as gold medals. Our main man has sporty tunes blasting in his ears while he performs picture perfect squats, presses and lifts with barbels weighing at least twice and/or up to four times his body weight. A number of women and a few men admire his chiseled body and impeccable technique.

6:30 AM: The hot shower after the invigorating workout delights our guy so much that he smiles as he lathers up his hardened torso. He could feel his post-workout protein drink getting absorbed by his muscles, hungry for energy and he looks forward for the hearty breakfast he was about to savor. It generally included one egg and a bowl of oatmeal cereal with blueberries.

7 AM: He had always enjoyed thumping rock music while speeding on the highway and today is no different. He is going just a tad over the official speed limit and his car is gliding on the highway as smooth as a feather and he could feel every boom of the bass and shrill of the treble drench his skin like the ocean’s blue waves. Without realizing, as always, he is mouthing the lyrics of the song.

7:30 AM: He had the office dress neatly pressed and so fitting, many in the office thought he had all of his clothes custom-made with an old-school tailor. He has his regular spring on his feet as he strolls past cubes with admiring and sometimes envying pairs of eyes and settles into his desk chair.

5 PM: He always gave a little more than what was expected. It was not a conscious move by him, but simply a habit. For some reason, he could not settle for less and demanded more of himself. This meant, the usual 8 hour work day was an exception for him. He took one 30 minute lunch break, usually with a colleague discussing tasks related to work and a 15 minute break late afternoon to socialize with some of his nearby cube mates. Sometimes, he had worked through the lunch break and had to chow down his food at his desk later when he realized he was terribly hungry, but there was never a known instance where he did not deliver more than what was expected of him. He was always on time and never made a mistake. As a personal policy, he kept professional and personal life separate, wich meant that his work day ended at 5, on the dot.

6 PM: Our high spirited man has a quest of learning as no other and, once he came home from work, he consumed his daily dose of quality information in the form of Books (fiction and non-fiction), online blogs about psychology, technology, politics and pop culture, and podcasts. His selections tend to be eclectic by common consensus, but to him they just exist as a means to fill himself with delightful and curious bits of information.

8 PM: He has a tendency to read and listen to these high sources of world knowledge so intensely that he would often forget his appetite which usually results in him quickly cooking a dinner with minimum fuzz and ingredients that are high in significant dietary values. Dinner is always accompanied by jazz music and in some cases, a glass of quality wine.

9 PM: The other side of his voracious intake of information is to process and produce them into his own works of writing. Our main man spends the final waking hour of his utilitarian and, evidently, impressive day pouring his thoughts into an online blog where he often picks either of the two subjects: writing about something he found interesting online or from one of his podcasts, in which case the content of his writing tends to be partly or entirely based on that original source. The second of his subject of choice, chosen only when the first one fails to materialize on any given day at 9 PM, is to write about his personal habits or observations he has made about himself. His writing, in this case, tends to be about the failings of his own behavior and more often than not, they tend to repeat and at regular intervals.

10 PM: Our young and entrepreneurial man’s day always ends when the clock strikes ten at night and falling asleep is not an effort for him. In rare cases, he spends a few minutes lying on his bed, thinking about his day and could not help himself but think, quite self-assuredly, how great his life was. He could see his satisfied life lay in front of him with every milestone carved and decorated with expensive artwork. When he does fall asleep, his dreams are serene and fulfilling. If someone asked him, he would say that he never regretted anything, for he was always right and progressing and by association, his decisions and actions where impacting and celebrated.
He is content of his life for he knows he is headed for greatness and he knows it will be simple because all he has to do is wake up at 4 AM and go to the gym and everything else will follow.

By common consensus, he is an ideal man.

Author’s note: This is me paraphrasing my friends M and S as they narrated the day’s schedule of an imaginary man of the most interesting and impressive kind. Although I have added a few details to sprinkle some flavor to his story, all credits and concerns towards his character, talents, skills and convictions should rest with his original makers, M and S.

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