How To Make The Best Coffee, 1960s Style

Coffee needs no introduction. It is what you are drinking right now, or what you were drinking just a while ago. At the very least, it is the drink you are looking forward to drinking after you finish reading this. I honestly think that for many, all three previous statements are true. If that is the case, how is that coffee tasting ? Can you sense the full flavor of those coffee beans, in liquid form, as they drench every corner of your mouth ? It is a little stingy, but it is wholesome and every sip of it just makes you want to tip over the entire the cup into your mouth, never minding that it is smoking hot, spilling the sweetly bitter tonic on to your longing taste buds. You know your coffee is good when you catch yourself hoping for it to never end.
Coffee makes everyday better. It makes starting the work at office better. It wakes you up with the promise that the day might actually be better. If the day turns out to be not a great one, you can always improve the odds by picking up another cup of coffee in the evening. When researchers said that coffee helps us stave off certain health issues, we rejoiced with a freshly brewed deliciousness. We love coffee so much that it is the only substance for which a person happily admits to having an addiction, even if it is to make shallow impression, with little to no negative judgement from others. Often, addiction to coffee is seen as a charming quality than a sign of impending neural dysfunction.
Given our love of Coffee and the copious amounts we consume daily, it is important that we prepare it properly, with focus on quality and precision, so that we can enjoy it to the fullest. Like most things in life, the best way to make a great cup of coffee is to follow steps shown in a vintage 60’s video narrated by a guy who was probably wearing a three-piece suit and slick hair when he was narrating it. This short video will teach you everything you need to know about brewing an excellent cup of joe every single time.

Three simple ingredients go into the brewing process: water, coffee, time.

In case you are one of those unfortunate souls doomed to the cruel fate of having to drink the corporate-office break-room coffee, take solace in the knowledge that I, along with our coffee loving brothers world-wide, stand with you. The tyranny of cheap, awful and misleadingly-named gourmet coffee will soon end giving way to a new dawn of enlightening days when, not only one, but many of the world’s best coffee, coffee that is made of real coffee beans from South America, not from the charred crumbs of wood and rust with a fake label that reads Arizona’s Premium Gourmet Coffee, coffee that makes you think that you are a champion, the likes of which are served only in the royal offices of Presidents and Bank Executives, will come and on that magnificent day, we – You and I and every other soul made of life and love – will enjoy its sweet taste to our hearts content. Until then, we stand together.

From Brain Pickings.

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