Three Short Documentaries from PBS for Your Sunday

Stumbled on to an awesome YouTube Channel today, featuring great short documentaries produced by PBS. These are five to seven snappy videos that show a significant aspect of every day things involving anything from art to entertainment, from books to video games. That last one is a favorite pastime of mine, so obviously that made it into the list of videos I really liked.

One of best things about PBS documentaries is the ‘indie’ feeling they assume from the beginning to the end. There is rarely a sense of grand, over arching corporate presence in their productions and that, coupled with their thoughtful selection of topics and experts in that topic who voice their astute opinions, make these mini-documentaries a great tool for learning and understanding a little of the things we see everyday. A great example is this one about Product Design.

This one is certainly a primer to the power of internet in today’s world and how it is almost impossible to guess the magnitude of its impact on our future. This mini-doc gives a brilliant primer on Kickstarter and open source Creative Commons project which, by the way, is a must know for anyone who works on the internet.

You can stay up to date with the latest mini-documentaries from PBS by subscribing to their YouTube channel.

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