Pictures from Zion National Park

Have you been to Zion National Park ? Would you like to check out some of the pictures I took using my iPhone while hiking up to Observation Point at Zion? Technically, I can’t really see if you are excitedly nodding ‘yes’ or disapprovingly nodding ‘no’, but the magic of the internet does allow me to take many liberties, one of which is to take the easy way out whenever in doubt. So, let’s all agree together that we all want to see these amazing and semi-amateurish pictures I took this past Memorial Day weekend.

Picture 1: When you start the hike, you feel really tiny. The mountain walls literally tower over you.

Picture 2: A clear broadside view of Angel’s Landing (that is the red peak in the front)

Picture 3: This is about halfway of the hike to the top.

Picture 5: Almost at the top of Observation Point. You can’t see the Angel’s Landing from here.

Picture 6: That is the official metal seal from the official US Geological Survey, 6608 ft from sea level. That pointy hill to the right of the image is Angel’s landing.

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