Stay true to your vision

Traveling to Mormon country for this long weekend. Along with couple of my buddies, I will be, hopefully, hiking up, and possibly down, a few places in Zion National Park. Rain has been predicted for Saturday and cold weather on Sunday, but the prospect of getting on a plane to go somewhere I have never been to is enticing enough for me to ignore those wretched weather predictions.

Travelling, like many people, is one of the few things in my life that I can honestly say that I fully enjoy. The idea of exploring a new place and experiencing the sights and sounds of the unknown world is such a liberating experience. And I get to do that with a couple of my long time friends so its even better.

This week, I wrote a few not so glowing stuff about daily work and its practical trappings but I want to close this week with this great video that exhibits what one’s ultimate goal should be when it comes to work. Beyond the daily grind, unsatisfying demands and demoralizing judgements, always remember why you got into it. If you can manage to keep that underlying flame of desire, that basic need to do that thing that attracted you to it in the first place, then all the bad stuff can be overcome. In the end, how honest and true you were to yourself, will determine how happy and satisfied you will feel.

Stay true to your vision. Remember why you do it… What you do, who you are – that’s your art. That’s all you have.

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