Time Lapse Video of Solar Eclipse

This sunday parts North America and Asia were treated to the solar eclipse, a mesmerizing event for anyone. Some say that it is a natural event caused by the cosmic ballad of the Earth, the Sun and the Moon, where the moon lines up between the Earth and the Sun casting a shadow large enough to block the sun itself. Others say it is the hand of God depriving the liberal americans of the Sun’s light as a punishment for advancing the Gay agenda and possibly for letting Rick Santorum drop out of the presidential race. There is just no way to know what or who is behind this celestial event but one thing every one seems to agree is that an eclipse is f*cking spectacular to look at.

This was an annular eclipse meaning, due to the moon being farther from the earth than it would be in case of a full eclipse, it will not completely block the sun, but would reveal the smoldering ring of fire at the peak of the event. Here is an awesome time-lapse video of sunday’s eclipse, with the ring of fire shown in brightest red possible.

If you like photos, The Atlantic has incredible pictures of the eclipse for different parts of the world. Click here to enjoy them.

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