Three Observations in Three Diagrams

After writing about Jessica Hagy’s graphs here and, today, reading about Christoph Niemann’s illustrations in Brain pickings, I was overwhelmed by my enthusiasms for graphs, pie charts and venn diagrams. Then I went about my usual Saturday, only to realize that the day’s events all mysteriously materialized in the form of a pie chart, venn diagram and a graph. Now, if you would kindly indulge me.

Working Out:

Time Spent at the Gym
The red area denotes another kind of enthusiasms.

How the weekend is spent:

The blue area represents huge piles of money

Others’ concerns about your marriage:

30 is the magic number

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2 thoughts on “Three Observations in Three Diagrams

  1. From the first graph you want to advertise to the world(ladies) that you go to gym and are not lazy like many people. The second graph shows Facebook is the as*h*le where everybody craps what they did during the weekend. The third graph conveys that you will give up on marriage after 30 and are very happy dying a virgin.

    1. No, I can say with complete confidence that it is almost impossible for that last line to happen. In case you are wondering, I am talking about the ‘very happy’ part ! 🙂

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