How To Survive A Robot Uprising ?

This was one of those moments that made me stop and wonder about the intricate brilliance of this universe. Sitting down, to type tonight’s blog, I landed at the same spot I have been arriving for, almost everyday of the past year or so, the place I call the ‘Indecision plaza’. You see, this dry and completely vacant corner of imaginary intersection within the time space continuum of the day is where I find no topic to write about. There is that pale white text box on the laptop screen, cold and empty, except for the thin black cursor that if allowed will blink until the end of time itself and all I can do while sulking at Indecision plaza is stare at it as I endure the mild agony of self-criticism for not thinking about a topic before hand. This self inflicted annoyance lasts for about three minutes and forty seven seconds after which comes a swift and hopeful search across Twitter and Facebook to find out if someone who is serious about blogging wrote an interesting topic – they very often do – and basically use that as the foundation to write my own blog. Say what you will, but nothing makes creativity more accessible than a simple act of judicial stealing.

In any case, today exactly after three minutes and forty six seconds of wallowing in a dimly lit corner of Indecision plaza, I received an email from a colleague from work with the subject line that read “SUPER FUNNY VIDEO!!!”. Normally I don’t open emails that have subject line in all caps or three exclamation marks. In fact, anything more than two exclamation marks go to my auto delete list. As far as exclamation marks on subject line go, I draw the line on two. As you may have guessed already, I did open this one because it was late and I was kind of drowsy. But I am glad I did, because that email contained a Youtube clip that could very possibly save my life or even yours some day.

Forget the zombie apocalypse, a pathogenic outbreak or even an alien invasion. The way the catholic church is moving on social issues, even God will be soon abandoning plans for his much awaited Rapture. At the rate of our technological progress it is more likely that our real threat to existence would come from robots. Synthetic fiber and glass beings with sophisticated A.I processors could accurately decide, with much ease too, that we humans are really just unintelligent pests that are more evolved for slavery than exercising free will. If we read the news it is clear that evolution, intelligence and exercise are not among the most favorite things for a huge majority of us. It is definitely not a stretch, an eventuality even, to realize that inorganic robots, large and small, but all murderous, can and will turn against us sometime in the future.

So what do you do when the robots do gain autonomous decision making capabilities and put zero and one together to decide they want to get rid of us ? For such a severe threat, for which I believe the TSA‘s threat level color code would be ‘Glowing red like the eyes of an evil robot’ , we need someone who knows robots well; someone who works with them everyday; someone who understands them at the binary level. Someone like Daniel.H.Wilson, who has a PhD and is best selling author in the field of robotics. So, when he tells you to go for the ‘Kill Swtich’ switch when being attacked by a robot, you better go for the ‘Kill Switch’ switch.

Now behold!


You are welcome. I’ll see you in the safe-zone.

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2 thoughts on “How To Survive A Robot Uprising ?

  1. the video was funny. the only problem is if we are in any other part of the world the kill switch will be in different language and we will not know what it means – kill thyself or hit laser beam on target.

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