A Twelve Year Old Girl Explains Why Our Banking System is Screwed Up

Children have a strange power on adults. No matter the subject, when they come from kids, the words seem to bear some sort of lubricating shield that let them slip through our outer argumentative and sometimes unreasonable self and go directly to that spot in our minds where everything is received with kindness and love. May be it is the kids’ simplicity of language or the tone of innocence, but I just get the feeling that they have strange powers.

Victoria Grant is a such a kid who is directing that power to bring attention to the complex and ethically corrupt enterprise of monetary infrastructure we call the ‘Financial System’. Here she talks about the system in Canada, but she might as well be talking about any modern economy in the world. The Banking industry sets the rules and then government enforces these rules so that normal people on the street work hard and scrape even harder just to break even but must always keep up their payments to the banks. Cost of everything from healthcare and education to fuel and other common necessities are so high while the job market is patchy for most sectors and yet big banks and corporations enjoy hefty tax breaks and bailouts while the average household has to choose between paying the mortgage or their kid’s college tuition.

It has become painfully obvious, even for a 12 year old Canadian, that we are being defrauded and robbed by the banking system and a complicit government.

She is twelve years old and what she says in simple and clear terms ought to be common knowledge for the public, but sadly it isn’t. Most people, especially in this precariously tottering economy, simply don’t have the time and energy to participate in protests and marches when they have families to take care of and jobs to keep intact. But one could decide to learn and understand the ways in which the system is rigged to work against the average people and know the actors and power brokers who spend their time in setting up this deeply unfair system and maintaining the status quo. Although a lot of visibility has been brought to the inequality of treatment suffered by the masses compared to the top one percent through Occupy Wall Street and other movements world-wide, there is a lot of real change left to be done. We all may not be able to get to the streets to bring down the corrupt structures, but the least we could do is support those activists who are in the front lines as much as possible. Victoria is only such an activist.

It’s been a while since we had given out any award in our blog here. But today marks the return of that illustrious but mysteriously little known occasion. We could use a lot more kids like Victoria and it is for that precise reason, and for general awesomeness, join me, in presenting, to Victoria Grant, the award and title of ‘International Girl of Supreme Gutsiness’.

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