How To Become Interesting (with Graphs)

Venn diagrams are a great way to visually communicate varied data and their relationship to each other in a simple fashion. Graphs are even better at conveying the idea based on data plotted on two or three-dimensional axis. Take the below graph for instance:


This graph shows the relationship between how boring your are on Facebook and the number of people who hate you on Facebook. As you can see, in the beginning, not many people hate you on Facebook, mostly because you are not obsessively posting updates about your cat, but as you increase the rate of posts about your cat there is a proportionate increase in the number of people who absolutely loathe you. By this linear graph, we can postulate that unless you want to all your friends to hate you, you must stop posting about your goddamned cat.

Like I said, graphs are great in revealing insightful information.

That example came from the paper and pen belonging to Jessica Hagy who publishes a new graph or Venn diagram or a pie chart every morning in her blog This Is Indexed. They are funny, witty and sometimes weird, but always interesting. They are a quick way to get one’s mind thinking about something one never would have thought otherwise.

Jessica Hagy also writes for Forbes magazine where she had published this great post a while ago. The post titled “How To Be Interesting – (In 10 Simple Steps)”  is not only great for the helpful tips it provides for living and enjoying an active, purposeful and a happier life, but also for the brilliant graphs and charts that accompany the tips. It is one thing to tell others to let go of their ego, but it is entirely different thing to depict it with the words Wrong, Boring, Gross and Ego somehow connected in the same Venn diagram. If you loved the graph above, you will marry this post on the beach head of a tropical island on a full moon night.

Check out the article on Forbes website here.

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