Celebrating the Annversary with This American Life

Today was one of those good days when I got to do something I enjoy. This American Life, as anyone reading this blog for a while would know, is a great favorite radio show of mine and today they did a special show in New York and broadcast it live across the country in few select theaters. It was one of those events where you know it is going to be great and then when you attend it you realize that it even better than you had hoped for. The host Ira Glass was brilliant as usual, but it was a bit odd to see him perform on stage since I am so used to only listening to his voice on the podcast. The show also featured  the two Davids – story tellers David Sedaris and David Rakoff. Rakoff spoke about how his cancer treatment had rendered his left arm useless and how it restricted his dance moves and then went on to do a brief but poignant choreography. Sedaris walked out dressed as a sad joker and narrated a story about that awful time he had trying to order coffee at a Best Western Hotel. There was musical performance by OK GO, which involved everyone in the audience, including us the theater to take out our cell phones and play along, which I thought was a pretty amazing way to engage the audience. All in all, it was a great evening and I was a bit comforted that so many other people also turned up to watch along with me. Oh, there was also this funny short video by comedian Mike Birbiglia featuring Public Radio host, Fresh Air’s Terry Gross.

I was notified today by my friend M that today marks the one year anniversary of this blog. Last year, on May 10th I decided, almost on a whim, that I would blog everyday for a year. It was a decision that has become a pretty significant part of my daily life at this point. Even after doing this for a year, it is weird for me that I don’t have a set routine for this; everyday I am just winging it. To be clear, this is probably the most inefficient and failure prone way of going about blogging or building any habit for that matter. It is clumsy and often gets relegated as an after thought especially if I have a particularly eventful day. But in the end, somehow this is what I have come to practice and oddly enough it has become a habit now, may be not the best one, but still. The result of this unstructured, and to be honest, unfocused way of operating is actually very convenient, in that there is literally no planning involved. I don’t get concerned with what to write about or how long the post was going to be until actually sitting to down to do it. Of course, the convenience dissipates as soon as the blank page on the laptop screen stares at me as the vertical cursor impatiently blinks, waiting for me to type letters and words in a worryingly delightful exercise of forming good sentences.  I say delightful because that is what I feel when I finish typing. I say worrying because it does not happen that easily and the whole process is rather unpleasant.

Speaking of unpleasant things, if you are good at math, you may have spotted already that the count for the number of posts and the number of days missed do not add up to a year. 365 minus 271 posts plus 78 days missed leaves 16 posts unaccounted for. I could have missed the counts for a few posts or forgotten to add a few missed days – both of which I am attributing to my extra-ordinarily uninspiring math teacher at school. In any case, this means the effective days missed now tally up to 94, which is 94 more than what I intended when I began the blog. It also means I have 94 more posts to do which I, as always, intend to do without a break.

As always, I am grateful for all the support I am receiving from you guys, so please keep them coming. I’ll see you guess tomorrow.

[Post: 272 of 365] [Days Missed: 94]
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    1. yeah, it is definitely worth checking out, but you may have to give it a few weeks to get used to their production style. By the way, “Go Pokes”? how did OSU football team come in here?

  1. just thought i will encourage you. We do not play football but we still are OSU cowboys. So Go Blog Pokes.

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