Checking Facebook at Work Increases Productivity

Okay, this is getting a bit suspicious. Previously, there were studies suggesting that office productivity can be increased by bad and grumpy people, terrible hardship and even being intoxicated with Alcohol. Now a new study claims that periodically checking Facebook and other social media increases productivity at the workplace. This time, the research  comes from University of Melbourne, Australia, which coincidentally enough, is also the originating place of a recently published research that claimed that People with terrible mood make great employees.

The Facebook productivity boost phenomenon is the conclusion of a research done by The Department of Management and Marketing at the University of Melbourne. They say that when companies make regularly timed recess part of their work schedule employees felt more relaxed and happy which improved overall productivity. The employees’ non-work related activities give them a regular and refreshing break from the usual work which recharges their mind and body. But not all recess activities result in equal amount of productivity boost. This is where social media scored points. According to the study, surfing the net to check Twitter and Facebook increased productivity by 39% compared to 19% boost when employees engaged in non-internet stuff like talking on the phone or stepping out for a walk.

The article also makes note of the increase in employee participation in these routine breaking activities when it is promoted directly by the company leadership – a full 39% increase that is. This could be interesting – I would love to see an email from the CEO saying –

Dear valued Employee,
This is to notify you that you have reached the allotted maximum number of hours for continuous work. You are here by required to take a mandatory 15 minute break from your regular office tasks. Make sure to check Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Tumbler, Pinterest, Google+ and any other social networking website that are up and running during this time so that you can get back to work with more motivation and focus.

I appreciate your continued handwork and commitment towards the well being of the company, even during these breaks.

Warm Regards
Office of the CEO

Oh, the wonderful world that is work-life.

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