A Smart Discussion With Neil DeGrasse Tyson and Stephen Colbert

Spend a bit over an hour to watch this brilliant discussion between Astrophysicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson and comedian and science fanboy Stephen Colbert about science and the innovations it has provided and, I guarantee you this, you will walk away much more appreciative of all the great fruits that we enjoy from the tree of empirical analysis.

Dr.Tyson is well-known, not only for his wealth of knowledge and intelligence, but also for his relentless passion towards advancing the need to support and grow the new frontiers of science and technology. Dr.Colbert, although his doctorate is in Fine Arts, has made it obvious many times that he is a curious learner of studies related to space, technology and the universe. Mr.Colbert is also a devout catholic, which always amazes me to see how well he handles proofs, theories and ideas that run against the preachings of bible.  How does one believe in the Bible and believe in the Big Bang Theory, all with same level of trust and curiosity ?

In this video, the duo cover many intriguing topics, from Neutrinos to Einstein’s fabled E=MC2, from Black holes to the Multiverse and also a bit of public policy about expanding science literature in children and adults alike. Dr.Tyson’s ferocious comments about the recent budget cuts for NASA is something to behold.

The pathway from the investment to the return on the dollar takes a little longer than an elevator ride to explain… Innovations take place, patents are granted, products are developed, the culture of innovation spills over. Everyone feels like tomorrow is something they want to invent and bring into the present. That’s the culture that so many of us grew up with, and that’s the culture that so many of us who read about it want to resurrect going forward. Without this, we just move back to the caves. – Dr.Tyson, testified before the U.S. Senate on March 7.

Irrespective what you believe about what the fiscal policies of a government should be, it is undeniable that scientific progress and innovation cannot be compromised to feed our need to satisfy short-term goals, because the answers for our most existential problems, like sustainable energy, climate and food, will be not be coming from trade floors or executive mansions but from research labs and science institutes. Those white lab coats are a bargain.

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