5 Things You Need To Be Creative

It is not everyday, when you can find an easy to follow, step-by-step guide for practicing creativity. We can’t be creative all the time, since there are things in life that require our attention like renewing your driver’s license or waiting for your computer to “safely remove storage device”. But, on a daily basis, there are problems that could use a creative solution and we need to keep our minds trained to be ready to take on the challenge.

So, then, the bigger problem is how do you get your mind into the creative zone – the open mind-set, as some call it – every time you want to think up an original and unique solution to a particularly vexing problem ? Worry not, because John Cleese has the answer for you.

John Cleese, one of the men behind the quirky and funny and always brilliant Monty Python sketches and films, is an intellectual by all accounts, but more than that, he was also a critical analyst of the self and various forms of its expressions. In this below clip, which is an excerpt from a longer presentation available here, he emphatically lays out the raw tools to employ when you need to bring your mind to the open state where it can field for novel ideas.

Here are the things, in order, you need to be creative:
Space: Create a place where you are left with yourself only and no external pressures.
Time: Like any fruitful activity, set a time constraint.
Time: This ‘time’ represents patience. You need to get comfortable with the indecisive brooding of you mind before your mind really becomes free of limits.
Confidence: Believe that within this space of originality and creative expedition, nothing is incorrect.
Humor: Don’t be serious. Be playful of your ideas and often they will lead to originality.

I don’t think one could go wrong with this. Compared to all the trivial things in which one wastes time on a daily basis, it would be well worth one’s time to put these steps into practice.

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