Is This The Right Job For Me?

Ask yourself about your job – “Am I my best self in this relationship?”

Did you answer yes? Then ask yourself – “Am I challenged to be my best?” and a few more other questions at It Starts With and you will quickly be on your way to finding out whether you like doing what you get paid for. Found this little hand drawn cheat sheet that asks serious questions and provides abstract choices that can give you a clear understanding of how much you love your job, whether it is inline with your real values and future goals and if it is contributing towards your happiness in life.

If you answer ‘yes’ for more than 5 questions, then you are at a job you love. If more questions fall under ‘Not so sure’ category, then you can delve deeper into questions that ponder if the situation has scope for improvement, if there are ways in which you can make it better and so on. In all likelihood, you will have to do this in multiple sittings, even do multiple revisions, to arrive at a more concrete set of answers that you can truly accept as your real take on your job which can actually help to you decide which direction you need to make your career change, should you realize that you indeed need to change.

You can click the image above and then save it as JPG image for future reference but the article also provides the questionnaire-flowchart as a PDF.

Apparently about eighty percent of the people, I am assuming that is just in the US of A, don’t like their job and I do find it to be a believable statistic, so this cheat sheet may not be such a bad thing to try. But you have to be honest when answering these questions. Cheating on life-changing questions is like lying to your psychiatrist – it defeats the whole purpose.

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