Picking Your Life’s Mission

Myshkin Ingawale has a simple but remarkable target – He is going to eradicate Anemia related deaths world-wide by 2020.

That is a bold and, some might say, far-fetched goal. Myshkin is not a billionaire philanthropist who is rallying his billionaire philanthropist friends to solve a global health issue. He is an engineer by trade and co-founder of Biosense Technologies, a company that focuses on creating medical devices. He and his cohorts have designed and built a portable blood testing device that does not require needles or pricking of the skin. It was built with resource-strapped social workers throughout third world nations in mind and as a result it is inexpensive, easy to use and it simply works. Given the continued rise of world poverty levels more and more people are getting excluded from having access to even basic health care. This little device could prove to be a boon to all the impoverished villages and tinsel towns that need every help they can get.
Here is the great TED video where Myshkin gives a heart warming narration of how a visit to a remote village called Parol near Mumbai and learning how a first-world solved problem like diagnosing Anemia was causing so many deaths changed what he wanted to do with his life.

One feels proud to be part of the Indian generation that is, more than ever in history, taking an active and significant role in innovating in multiple fronts and improving the world. One also feels obliged to do his part in contributing, however small, towards that remarkable goal.
As a side note, I am fairly confident that one day a religion based on TED videos will arise and make Wikipedia the holy site.

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