Phantom Camera

There is this award-winning camera called Phantom Camera which captures video at an incredible 1500 frames per second. This means you can slow down the video to a fraction of its real life speed and still get incredibly detailed footage often revealing fascinating details that our eye/brain cannot perceive real-time. Case in point, take a look at this video of bird flights shot at such high rate.

There is an even better video with this camera. Huge mountain like waves crashing down in super slow motion were shot by Chris Bryon at Teahupoo in Tahiti. 1500 frames per second has no real value until you see this video.
Waves shot at 1500 fps

So, in case you have some extra change lying around, do send it my way because I would love to have this camera.

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    1. yeah, I have heard about that one. It allows changing focus after the photo is shot. it lacks the usual modern camera goodies like proper image stabilization. It will be great if this technology gets integrated into a normal point and shoot camera.

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