A Magical Advise For Being Remarkable

Teller, of the Penn & Teller magician duo, responds to an email from a fan asking for career advice. He talks about their incredible hustle that got them to where they are. And he says this:

Have heroes outside of magic.  Mine are Hitchcock, Poe, Sophocles, Shakespeare, and Bach.  You’re welcome to borrow them, but you must learn to love them yourself for your own reasons.  Then they’ll push you in the right direction…

Love something besides magic, in the arts.  Get inspired by a particular poet, film-maker, sculptor, composer.  You will never be the first Brian Allen Brushwood of magic if you want to be Penn & Teller.  But if you want to be, say, the Salvador Dali of magic, we’ll THERE’S an opening.

Just replace the word ‘magic’ in his quote with your profession and you will find that this a great career advise for anyone who wants to be remarkable in whatever they are doing.

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