The Life Of George Orwell

Without much notice I suddenly became aware today that a I will be a spending a large portion of this weekend watching this great BBC documentary about the life of the man who forever defined the words ‘Big Brother‘ and gave us ‘1984’ and ‘Animal Farm‘. George Orwell, his writings and his ideas, on everything from totalitarianism to the art of making good tea are lessons not only on how to think freely and deeply but also about conveying those free thoughts and transforming them into actions. Here is a taste of the documentary available for free in YouTube.

The documentary highlights the rough, non-congruent and often seemingly directionless life of Mr.Orwell while also giving us insight into the roots from which he drew inspiration and strength to produce literary works that made him one of the most artistic and revolutionary critics of inequality, corruption and the general foibles humankind.

The entire YouTube playlist is available here.

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