Fictional Map Day – The Afternoon

The orderliness finally returned. That sentence, of course, implicitly means that it was missing for a long time. Sentences like that first one are called loaded sentences in the field of amateur prose writing and is very common among people who are amateurs and who don’t bother with proper grammar. Contrary to what was mentioned in yesterday’s blog, there is a marked difference between people and professionals when it comes to prose writing. Very unlike the people in our conference room and their common field of employment. What was called ‘breakouts’ were in full swing.

About thirteen to seventeen people formed about seven to nine individual groups actively arguing about very serious sounding things. One of the groups featured a tall, blonde woman who explained, with rather much excitement in her voice, in detail that ‘PEP services are designed to be dynamic enough to support multiple transport protocols so that varying SLAs will have little impact in their performance’. The five middle-aged chubby men in her group kept nodding their heads and scratching their beards as if listening to her, but tried their best to concentrate on selective anatomical parts of that apparently smart blonde woman. Another group included three Indian men, two Indian women and one Chinese man. They argued fiercely about whether ‘AWR events from platform bus needed to be routed via the cloud proxy or should the entire messaging queue be tunneled through RESTFul services’. After 19 minutes of arguing, they agreed that no one could understand what the Chinese man was saying. The Chinese man looked annoyed but he stuck with the group.

The other five to seven groups were locked in their own loud and important discussions about very serious sounding technologies, paradigms, visions and architectures. Someone kept yelling the word ‘future-proofing’ and there were a few mentions of ‘ground up design’. As the cacophony of serious words and debates ebbed and kept on ebbing, many people wrote things on the ‘Sprint Task Slip’. Upon closer observation, it was clear that these people had terrible hand-writing. The general understanding regarding those slips was that anytime a group of people identified a task that they need to accomplish, they would write it down on the ‘Sprint Task Slip’ and then stick it to the giant weekly calendars that covered the walls of this conference room. A typical ‘Sprint Task Slip’ would say something like ‘Task: Route AWR events via platform bus and verify functionality’ and below that line it would say ‘Owner:’ with someone’s name next to it – usually the person who must do that said task. For some strange reason, the group with the three Indian men and two Indian women and a Chinese guy had that Chinese guy’s name under ‘Owner’ for all of their ‘Sprint Task Slips’. There were many slips.

Lunch came, once again, from Jason’s Deli and people could undoubtedly sense that Jason’s Deli had stepped up their ongoing war campaign on human taste buds. Since the food was free, the people’s core ethical beliefs were tossed aside, yet again, and untold war crimes were committed in their mouths. It was terrible. This did not slow down the people or their serious work. They argued as they ate and made sure that the chaos was maintained.

There were a couple of people watching over the proceedings and making sure no one was not doing something. One man in particular was noticeable in that room although no one could be sure if it was his handle bar mustache or his hair that was balding weirdly or his incomprehensible speech or his race-neutral looks that made him noticeable. Despite those characteristics, he took it upon himself to co-ordinate and rally the people in that conference room – work the crowd, so to speak – so that they could reach some decisions by the end of this seemingly never ending day. But the end was indeed nearing. By now a significant portion of the giant weekly calendars draping the conference room walls was covered with illegibly filled out ‘Sprint Task Slips’. The lady of not-too-much importance from the previous post rose up now and declared that the breakouts are over.

She actually said ‘Breakouts are over!’.

Then the orderliness returned. Everyone searched, found and went back to their seats and for a few seconds the room went quiet. There was just one hour left in the day until 5 PM and the lady announced that there was just one more thing to do and it was that they were going to walk the wall.

She actually said, ‘Just one more thing to do people. Let’s walk the wall’.

No one could have predicted what came next.

[epic finale tomorrow]

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