Connectivity Issues ? Nano-Particles To The Rescue

Have you ever pulled out your smart phone for some awesome thing on the internet that cannot wait only to be thwarted by the ‘No Signal’ icon ? There are times when you absolutely need internet/cellular connectivity, like say when you are being chased by vicious wild-dogs that suddenly materialized in your local park where you were strolling alone very early in the morning. Worry not, because the solution to this essential problem has arrived.

A company called ChamTech Operations has come up with an insane product that can turn virtually any object into a highly powerful antenna. Although the name of the company is nothing to be excited about, their product though could be a game changer in today’s ultra-connected world. ChamTech’s unnamed product is just a spray that can convert any object into an antenna by spraying tiny nano-particles in a specific orientation. These nano-particles have nano-capacitors that charge and discharge super fast and produce less heat which is a troubling drawback in conventional antennas made of copper. Not only does this magic spray create antennas from everyday objects, it can even improve existing antennas’ range by a magnitude of 100. It basically means that your cellphones can easily reach signals while you are inside a subway station riding a train while fully covered by a thick woolen blanket.

Check out this article from iEEE Spectrum and accompanying video presented by one of Chamtech’s founders.

Like many groundbreaking science stuff, this project was initiated for military purpose. This could revolutionize the way we connect to the internet. Imagine having high-speed internet connection no matter where you are. Whether you are on the highway where no cellphone towers exist, or on a plane that does not offer free wifi, with just a few squirts of nano-particles you could be browsing in no time. May be you are inside a cave exploring when suddenly you feel like checking Facebook. Underground cave means no connectivity which means no Facebook. Currently you have to wait in anguish caused by your inability to check your friends’ status about love and honesty or their photos about some football team you don’t even care about. But once Chamtech’s spray hits the stores, all this will change.

Basically this nano-particle spray turns the internet into that annoyingly cute bulldog from Hutch commercials.[Click the link if you did not get that reference]

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