How To Stop Websites From Tracking Your Online Activity

Privacy is a big concern for many people. Not the most earth shattering statement ever made, but the solution to the problem online tracking is not too simple. Many of today’s popular online services are free and we, at least most of us, love them specifically for that reason. They are free because they can generate revenue by using your personal information such as location, age and preferences and habits to cater to you with targeted ads. There are many companies that solely exist to track your online activity which they then sell to other companies that use the information to create and sell stuff to you.

Again, this is not a revelation per se, since most of us know how Google and Facebook make money. Now the online-market is filled with services like Groupon and LivingSocial which offer incentives like discount movie tickets if you are willing to provide personal information about your purchasing habits and preferences. If the recent Google-Safari user tracking spat unearthed anything, it is that it is up to you to protect your personal information on the internet. If you have not done already, now may be a good time to click the ‘Remove Web History’ to stop Google from tracking your web activity.

Of course, Google isn’t the only culprit in this data tracking club. Facebook does it, and so do many other social networking sites but the good thing is that with some good tools and employing smart choices while browsing online, anyone can protect sensitive data about themselves, whatever that data is. Anytime there is a high-tech problem to be solved, I turn to Lifehacker for an equally high-tech solution. Here is what I found for our problem at hand.

Here is how to stop Facebook from tracking you.
Steps to remove your web history from Google

Also you are better off with using Chrome’s ‘Incognito Mode’ or Firefox’s ‘Private Browsing’ option to hide yourself from prying eyes of the Internets.

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