The Art Of Disruptive Wonder

If the title seems a bit artsy, its only because of the nature of this post’s body. Found this awesome TED Talk video that injects a novel way to be creative. The strategy used by Designer Kelli Anderson, a strategy she calls ‘Disruptive Wonder’, is rooted in seeing every day things around us in a new light. With extreme curiosity and firm determination to be unique she has made it her mission to objects of amusement and wonder often with mundane artifacts like paper and ice cream truck. In this video she showcases her projects that border fantasy for many of us.

In the clip she beautifully summarizes the essence of the idea behind her work

The world is full of order that doesn’t necessarily deserve our respect. Sometimes there is meaning, justice, and logic present in the way things are — but sometimes there just isn’t. And I think the moment that we realize this is the moment we become creative people. Because it prompts us to mess things up and do something better with the basic pieces of experience.

Seems like a good advise to me.

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