Supersoldier Ants, Why Not

Courtesy of Alex Wild /
Courtesy of Alex Wild /

You would think scientists would spend their available time to put their smart brains to solve critical problems facings our world today, like cure for cancer or finding ways to abate and reverse the effects of global warming or even discovering novel ways to handle global food shortages. Instead, the researchers at McGill University‘s evolutionary biology lab in Canada have created, using gene therapy, super-soldier ants. No, these are not ants that wear a bionic suit with built-in laser gun, although that would be super cool.

These ants are just like normal ants, except their bodies are twice the size of a normal soldier ant and their heads are thrice the size of a normal soldier ant’s head. Obviously, their enhanced larger brain helps them to scan their surroundings to find intruders and if needed control their minds.I am pretty sure they have night vision like the Batman and have hot models for girl friends to ride around in their tricked out Porsches. I want to remind you that we are talking about ants here; large, marauding super soldier ants that scientists have created just to see what happens.

The researchers say that this experiment has shown that deep in the recesses of these ants’ gene pool evidence of such giant ants still exist which also leads to the plausible idea that many years ago int he evolutionary chain of ants there were huge super soldier ants for reals. I don’t know what is more upsetting; Giant, creepy ants got phased out by evolution in favor of tiny, easily squishable ones or that there are scientists in the world today who use their superior and immensely talented brain to create excessively strong but ultimately useless ants.

I mean come on; It’s not like they can shoot laser from their eyes. Seriously scientists! This is not the time to dick around. Solve some real problems guys; like world poverty or AIDS or even destroying Justin Bieber.

That last one can’t be that hard. One of these giant ants should be able to take care of that blonde bastard!

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