How To Become A Morning Person

One of my recent post listed top five things to improve our intelligence and it garnered some good responses from some of you. Over at Facebook, my friend SS and SV mentioned that point #4, which was about getting up early in the morning, seemed to be one of the trickier habits to form. It is one of those behavior patterns that is so ingrained in to our system that your body that is really a battle of willpower and conviction.

For years, I have mitigated this issue by simply ignoring it. What’s so important that one has to get up so early anyway?. If I wake at up 5 AM in the morning and played video games, is that still a good thing? ok, scratch that. I do consider playing video games in the morning to be a good thing. In fact, I would go so far as to say that playing video games any time of the day can be considered a good day. Coming back to the point of getting up early, there seems to be some evidence though that early rising can really have benefits for one’s general well-being. But this is not a one-size-fits all idea. Depending on our inner clock (circadian), the hours of our peak performance varies from person to person. It will be helpful to identify what kind of body type does one have and then change his/her sleeping cycle accordingly. How, you ask ?

The New York Times’ health blog recently posted an article which covers the science behind the human sleep cycle and ways in which you can change it suit your needs and get more out of your sleep.They also have handy questionnaire that one can use to identify what kind of body type they have and what are their peak performance hours and based on the results you can choose what changes you want to make.

From my experience, I know the method described in the article works since I have used it before when I was going to the gym early in the morning, until I fell of the wagon. Gradually changing our sleeping hours makes it easier to follow through and it does not affect your day drastically due to lack of rest. That last point is the most important one – get enough rest, if you could afford it.
I am curios to know if someone would really notice improvement in their overall well-being by waking early. Hopefully this helps some of you to give it an honest try. You can thank me later. I also accept any token of gratitude in dollar form (or equivalent rupees) .

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6 thoughts on “How To Become A Morning Person

  1. I consider this many times, but the biggest problem for me is puling myself away from the computer screen and even after I switch off it takes at least half an hour to go to sleep. I can switch off sooner but I just feel depressed when there is nothing to keep my mind engaged.

    1. hey, thanks for the comment.
      I have the same problem as well at night. I want to go to bed by 11 but it’s just too hard to get away from the computer. I tried listening to podcasts while on the bed and it helped to doze off sometimes, but if the podcast is really interesting then it has the opposite effect 🙂

      1. I have tried the podcast thing as you did and have realized the same effect. An interesting podcast keeps you awake longer than you imagine and if u start exploring more about the topic of podcast it takes forever to get to sleep. I have also seen some TED talks on my phone and that too gets engaging sometime and I end up staying awake longer than initially planned. What ends up happening is, I would go to bed early and listen to a TED talk/podcast and think that i will sleep in 20 minutes but end up sleeping 1.5 hrs later 😦

        The more and more i read your blogs, i am finding too many similarities between us. We could have been siblings in last “jenmam”.

  2. Getting back to bed early? it has always been one of my biggest challenges for like an year. I try waking up early (but early as in “9 am” *wry* ) LOL 😀 good post anyways 🙂

    1. hey, Thanks Ravi. I have spoken to many people since writing that post, and almost every one complains about getting up/going to bed early. Seems like we need to come up with something better than alarm clocks 🙂

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