The Tyranny Of Car Parking And Towing Companies

Is it really necessary to tow away a car just because it was parked at a spot it was not supposed to ?

I have been wrestling with this question ever since the property management at a certain office towed away my car unnecessarily just because it was parked at a spot it was not supposed to. Even worse, there were so many empty parking spots available for the other cars that it made absolutely no sense to tow away my car.

Most of us are engineers, so here is a problem. You have x number of parking spots and x number of cars to park. How do you allocate the parking spots? If you said one each, congrats, You are a sane person.

For whatever reason, the parking space at a certain office building does not follow logic.
Two companies share a common parking area. CompanyWithLotsOfPeople has few parking spots and CompanyWithFewPeople has many parking spots. Naturally, the employees from both amicably shared the parking spots with the rarely written but universally accepted rule of ‘First come first parked’ principle. Today, like many other days, I ‘first come’ed so I ‘first park’ed. I went on about my work not bothering anyone who I’d not be bothering, unless it was really important. Then comes an email from a certain office management that the cars parked near the CompanyWithFewPeople are being towed at that very moment and if possible owners of those cars should jump off the third floor through the pane glass windows if they wanted to save their vehicles. It should be noted that I am paraphrasing here.

So, I ignore the lunch I was about to have and run down the flight of stairs and across the parking lot only to find out that my car had already been towed. Being an optimistic fool that I am, I searched other spots wishfully pressing the car key beeper hoping that I had parked the car somewhere else and It hadn’t been towed. Of course, it was towed. In search of the contact info for the towing company, I walked across the parking area only to find so many empty spots. I am not talking about few free spots here and there, I am talking many free spots here and many more free spots right next to them. At last I find the phone number for the towing company.

One of the best inventions related to phones, since the original phone itself, is the soul warming music that plays while ‘your call is being forwarded to the appropriate representative’. It transcends what most people believe to be the redeeming qualities of reproducible sound. It is like someone with exquisite taste in music spent hours upon hours to find the best works of Bach and Mozart and A.R.Rahman and then painstakingly removed every single ounce of life from them. They must have used some sort of a filter that eliminates all the musical notes that are even remotely related to joy and happiness and then set it the resulting sound in loop. Then, just for extra effect, they must have added an awkward break between the looping music just so that you can keep count of the number of times your brain throws up into your ears because of the crushing music. Personally, I think its done to mask the fatalistic depression in the voice of whoever it is that eventually picks up the line on the other end.

After the music ended and after talking to the person with a voice whose fatalistic depression was not completely masked, I found the place where they had taken my car as a hostage. A friend dropped me off at the towing lot which looked very much like a hostage taker’s safe house for cars. Once I was there I could see other people, my fellow car owners from CompanyWithLotsOfPeople, coming in to rescue their own vehicles. After spending 120 dollars for rescuing my own car I came back to the office only to find out that there were no empty parking spot. The parking area assigned for CompanyWithLotsOfPeople had literally no spot available while CompanyWithFewPeople had empty parking spaces that numbered in double digits. Oh the Tyranny.

Is sharing such a big offense these days? So what if the employees shared each others’ parking spots? It’s not like they are taking up covered parking spots or spots that are next to the building. They good spots are all taken up by the higher-ups anyway. The remaining are all fairly crappy ones so what is the point of rationing them as if they are premium spots. They are not. They are crappy spots and all I am asking is to let us share the crappy spots. God, I f*cking hate the tyranny.

These are the days when I wish I was The President. There is a whole bunch of sh*t I could do to handle this.

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