Post Number 200 – Double Century!

That’s right. TWO HUNDRED’th Post. The Double Hundred. The big double O, with a two in front of them.

The level of excitement I’m feeling is a just a bit more than the excitement I felt when I turned in a hundred and fifty posts. It’s twice the joy of writing one hundred posts. It is a lot like the happiness one feels after writing fifty posts but, four times over. In other words, imagine the sense of pride and gratification that occupies one’s heart after writing twenty five blog posts; now imagine it eight times – or four times and then double that if you prefer that way – that is what I am feeling now. It is the satisfaction of writing 10 delightful posts and then doing it twenty more times.

Simply put, it is the feeling of a daunting and, yet, an inspiring accomplishment that washes over one after writing two hundred individual posts.

It’s awesome is what I am trying to say here.

As always, all the support is much appreciated. Keep them coming. Also, send your friends this way as well.

We have got a way to go, but with me, you and everyone else, there is every reason to believe we would make it.

And once again, Thanks.