How To Assemble A Computer And Take Pictures

After the external build of my desktop computer, today the time arrived for completing the build by assembling all the hardware into the computer case and installing the OS.

All clean and empty ready to be filled with hardware. Notice all the mesh? its for air flow.

This case has bunch of brackets for HDD and optical drives I won’t be needing, but comes in handy for future expansion.

First to go in- Hitachi SATA 500 GB 3.5 inch  hard disk drive. This case is pretty awesome since there is no need for screws to attach the hard disk. Just add the plastic sliders and insert the bracket and you are done.

Screw in the power supply unit.

The big cheese! Motherboard, with CPU cooler and RAM go in as a single unit. Had a bit of hard time with putting in all the metal standoffs to support the board but everything else went pretty smoothly.

Make sure to line up the out-ports with the sockets.

Now the easiest part. Untangling the wires, connecting them to correct sockets and hoping the static from my hands don’t fry the ports!

The other side is even messier!

All connected up and everything looks nice and dandy. Word of advise to fellow builders – make sure to use the manuals provided with the mother board and CPU case. Trial and error is not a strategy for this step.

Arrange the wires with some tie-downs and it almost looks professional.

Nice graphic. Actually its pretty good looking 🙂

And here is our final setup. Its strange that all the work done for the past hour or so is hidden completely away. The case looks exactly as before I assembled the hardware inside it. Time to fire it up.

Moment of truth – connect to power and push the button. Red light, that’s good.

Fans are running and the blue LED is lit up. It’s looking good.

Ahh, the familiar BIOS error. Its the same error we saw when we did the external build. Fortunately I have a hard disk connected so its time to do some BIOS setup and OS installation.

I have to say, of all the OS I have installed on any machine, installing Ubuntu was the easiest and most hassle free. 20 minutes later, we have OS.

10 minutes later, there is a computer in the living room! Brilliant.

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2 thoughts on “How To Assemble A Computer And Take Pictures

  1. Did you also buy a wireless keyboard and mouse or some contraction of that sort for the living room? And is that a sofa that i see in the final photo TV reflection?

    1. No to the first question and yes to the second. I got a wired keyboard and mouse for free so I’m using them now, but the plan is to have a wireless input device soon.
      Got the couch last weekend 🙂
      Thanks for the comment.

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