Even Ira Glass Finds Stuff Hard To Do

Yeah, It’s another post about Public Radio‘s Ira Glass. It’s not like I want to post about this guy every week or so, but it’s just that the things he says tend to be funny and insightful in some way. Here is this video he talks about being a producer for Mike Birbiglia‘s recent movie ‘Sleepwalk With Me’ which won at the Sundance Film Festival.

In his own words, he admits how unexpected the producer gig turned out to be. He almost has a mini-meltdown about the whole process and remember that this is the guy who has spent more than a decade building one of the most successful shows in Public Radio and is a recipient of the Edward.R.Murrow award for excellence in broadcasting. Enjoy the amusing clip.

He mentions an all too common but one of the least often spoken maxims about doing creative work –

‘In everything you do, there are things you like to do and then there are things you don’t like to do and usually there is a balance between them’

This needs to printed in a plaque and hung near the work space.

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