A Super Easy Request

You know how two things you really like sometimes come together to form one awesome thing? Doesn’t happen often, but when it does, it gives great joy and pleasure and makes for a pretty good day for the people involved.

So, we are clear on this right? especially the ‘great joy and pleasure’ part?. Ok. There is no reason to doubt if I like Public Radio’s Ira Glass and brilliant story man Mike Birbiglia. Ira Glass’s ‘This American Life‘ is easily one of my favorite, online, free podcasts and Mike Birbiglia’s funny and heart warming stories have delighted me every time I’ve had the chance to listen to him. I have written about both multiple times in our blog and, as it must be clear to you now, this post is about them as well.

But the best part is that this post is not about their personal work, but their collaboration. See, Mike and Ira (I feel like I can address them on first name basis) have worked together to produce a new movie based on Mike’s best selling book ‘Sleep Walk With Me’ which was based on Mike’s immensely popular one man show ‘Sleep Walk With Me’ with Mike Birbiglia’. It’s quirky, funny and very personal story of Mike’s early years when he is dealing with his fledgling career as a comedian, faltering personal relationship and, the reason for the title, his sleeping disorder which progressively gets worse. It sounds like a depressing story, but its actually very funny, raw and a bit insightful too.

Mike has directed the movie and Ira, who is a master storyteller himself, has produced it. The movie has been making rounds in Sundance Festival for the past week and has earned rave review from Indie moviegoers – not really a surprise there – and currently negotiations for a wider release of the movie is underway.

And this is where you come in. Yes, YOU. Apparently, the distributors release the movie only on locations that show high interest by signing up online that you might watch this movie. I have done this already – more than a few times I should say – but to be sure, I want to stuff the ballot a bit more. So here is what you have to do. Go to the movie page conveniently located in This American Life’s site, enter the zip code 85283 (my area code), select United States for country and give an email address. Note that I said ‘an email address and not ‘your’ address. You have complete freedom to come up with new/creative/weird email ids for this purpose so feel free to put in any valid email but don’t forget to enter the zip code and country as mentioned above.  You can also see a short clip of the movie there when you click the link.

Consider this your duty towards our blog. Consider this your obligation that comes complimentary with a subscription to this blog. At times of great need we should help each other and by that moral responsibility you are bound by internet law to help me in my profoundly selfish, but totally harmless, desire. I appreciate your kindness.

Once again, goto this link and enter the following details:
country: United States Of America

I am indebted to your kindness.

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