A Day For Celeberation

Today our blog has made history. Yes, today is a proud day for all us because, on Jan 22, 2012, we made it to the big league. That’s right, today, our beloved blog made it to Google’s top most search results!!

If you Google the word PCFIPA today, one of our blog posts comes up as the third ranked link in Google’s search results. Getting on Google’s search results is an awesome thing by itself, but to come in as the third ranked site is just incredible. Take a look at the screenshot below proudly showing our blog’s URL in all its glory !!

We Are #3

By the way, that’s not a smiley face, It’s actually a picture of my face when I saw this!!

The article that has brought us to this memorable moment is a blog post I wrote last October about a ludicrous internet usage tracking law proposed at the US Congress. It was a nonsensical proposal and, may be due to the netizen uproar about SOPA, this issue has gained traction again.

Can you imagine what this means? Out of the bazillion web pages out on the world-wide web, our blog, our awesome blog is the third most visited site for that subject. I just can’t fucking believe it.

Want to see it in action? Go to Google.com and enter the search query ‘PCFIPA’… do you see it? Its beautiful isn’t it ? I had dreamed of this day and it’s even better than anything I had ever imagined.

Remember the day today, my dear readers. Today we made history.

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